Generate a new TrustScore for the specified Driver. Note that the TrustScore is not resturned in the initial response to this request.

To get the TrustScore, send a a subsequent GET request for the current Driver using /v1/drivers/{id}. Use this endpoint any time you need an updated TrustScore, or if you deferred generating the TrustScore when you originally Added the Driver.

A NOTE ON DEFERRED RESPONSE PARAMETERS The TrustScore is one of several 'Deferred Response' parameters in the API. These are values that are not included in the response to the original request, but require you to send a subsequent 'GET' request to retrieve the value after DigiSURE has added it to the entity's record. While a TrustScore is typically populated within 30 seconds of the request, it can be further delayed for evaluation in some cases. See 'How to get deferred response values' for more information.

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